Protecting tenant interests in an Expiring Use Restriction HUD Section 236 privately owned, federally subsidized multi-family affordable housing development

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "In 1991 I was organizing tenants in a large apartment complex in which I had lived since November of 1990. I had worked for a number of years in human services, most recently in the areas of homelessness and welfare rights. The owners of the complex sent out notices that they were going to sell. After I got involved with the housing issue I became frustrated with the complexity of the problem and my lack of information about it. During the Summer of 1991, I re-discovered a graduate program that dealt with injustice at a different level than the one I had been working at. When I contacted the CED program I learned their philosophy of development through changes at the community level and through economics. I also learned that there were courses which would teach me the things I needed to know to be successful in dealing with the housing issues I was working with. Part of the program included completing a year-long project. I was told I could use my work with my community housing issue for my project. This paper is supposed to address the project completed during four terms of graduate work from September, 1991 through December, 1992. However, the project must be described in context of the development of the Royal-Concord Gardens Tenants' Association (beginning in February, 1991), as well as within the context of the other sub-projects funded by separate grants. In addition, my work included an internship with the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund in the final months of the project. The Mott-funded Tenant Organizing Project through the Community Training Assistance Center (CTAC) ran from July, 1991 through June, 1992. The Tenant Education Project funded by the Haymarket People's Fund ran from December, 1991 through December, 1992. So, the boundaries between one project and another are not often clear and there can be no way to describe only the graduate project as a discrete project. It will be necessary to discuss the aspects of all parts of the projects. For simplicity, the graduate project is focused as much as possible on the housing development issues and activities.Included in this project report are assignments completed for course work which relate directly to my project." (Library-derived description)