Haverhill's informal babysitting cooperative

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "The informal baby-sitting cooperative has been initiated by and for the residents of Haverhill, Massachusetts. The affordable childcare provided will offer an opportunity for parents to attend scheduled appointments and to seek employment, education and job training. The informal baby-sitting cooperative will give overly stressed parents free time to stabilize their emotions and reconnect with the lives and community. Instead of paying a fee the members will use a points system to pay for childcare. The cooperative is a parent operated baby-sitting service. Each member will assume a staff role at one time during their membership and agrees to care for each others' children. Cooperative members will elect two co-directors to maintain the bylaws and a secretary to maintain the points system, phone list and dues collection. The program's success will be evaluated by how many parents will stay involved in the cooperative, how members will be in the cooperative are able to secure employment, training, education and family stabilization due to their participation within the informal baby-sitting cooperative." (Library-derived description)