Reducing spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic : the case of Kigamboni Area, Dar es Salaam

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project report is about the reduction of HIV/AIDS spread, the case of Kigamboni community at Temeke District, in Dar es Salaam city. The area has many people of different tribes, but the majorities are fishermen (the Kojan) from Tanzania Island (Zanzibar). There are different customs, tradition beliefs and many other norms/taboos. The continual infection of HIV /AIDS was a major concern of Kigamboni residents. The major factor that causes the spread of HIV/AIDS is ignorance among residents in Kigamboni area. The Kigamboni population rate is about 400,000 people according to 2002 population and housing census, at present but the number might be high due to continual immigration from various areas as the result of globalization for fishing, tourism, and agriculture activities available in Kigamboni. The lack of basic education, ignorance and poverty are the added factors that had the positive impact on the spread of HIV/AIDS within the community of Kigamboni area, regardless the measures that had been taken by the government of Tanzania under TACAIDS and the NGO under - WAMATA, ANGAZA to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS within area. About one hundred community members received educational materials on control of spread of HIV/AIDS and Voluntary Counseling and Testing. (Author abstract)