Feasibility study for an employee owned company... to deliver health care services to seniors in (north) Hartford, Connecticut

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Southern New Hampshire University
This feasibility study was instituted in April 1997, after the author was in the Community Economic Development - Masters Program, at New Hampshire College for nine months, beginning in September 1996. This change from the original topic was instituted after prodding from the project advisor Mr. Woullard Lett, coupled with the buildup of class information, which showed that additional work was needed to secure greater community input and a more detailed analysis of 'need and market'. The goal of this study was to determine whether or not it was feasible to setup such a business in (North) Hartford. The central outcome of the study was, that those involved should go on immediately to the next step, that of putting together a full blown business plan. I have two desires for this paper: 1. That it directs others to work closer and earlier with their respective advisors, in order than valuable time is not lost, in really coming to grips with the task of delivering a product that not only receives an above average grade, but also really contributes something significant to the many needs that exist in our communities. 2. That it kindles a spark in at least one reader in the future, to take this idea to the next level of implementation. This is applicable in most urban areas of the country, where the elderly population is increasing at a rate faster than the country as a whole. (Author abstract)