Worcester domestic water conservation project

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "The Energy Fitness experience made it clear to me that FSDC needed to do better internal planning and communication, and also had to concentrate on our image in the community. As it turns out, two classes I took in the summer term , Organizational Management and Marketing, helped me to do that. For my project, I decided to concentrate on water conservation and explained that in the April 15 Interim Report....For the purposes of analyzing my methods, experiences, and results, I am going to discuss these six goals in three sections: 1) Organizational Development : which focuses on communication and organizational development within FSDC and the acquisition of technical capacity and resources for the Worcester office; 2) Marketing: which focuses on convincing Worcester that we have skills and expertise which is of value to the community; and 3) Project Development: which details the steps I took to begin the design process for a domestic water conservation program for Worcester." (Library-derived description)