Income improvement at household for community members Masama-Rundugai Ward in Hai District

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project of income improvement at household level is a result of the need assessment conducted in Masama-Rundugai ward in early 2006. Assessment indicated that low income is a root cause of the core problem of poverty. Lack of employment, lack of skills to run micro business, ignorance and poor leadership commitment are other causes contributing to the problem. Goal and objectives were set through involving stakeholders. Implementation was conducted following the assessment which indicated what strategies to undertake to achieve the intended goals. Through survey researcher identified two appropriate strategies: The first was the formation of Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (SACCOS). It was necessary for community members to form their own SACCOS close to their destinations to ease access of soft loans. This was the reason of this project in this area. The second was capacity building for community members on entrepreneurship. During project implementation entrepreneurship manual for training at community level was developed and used to train community members who have been sensitized to borrow soft loans and apply in their micro business. SACCOS steering committee developed constitution, and was one of registration requirements. District Cooperative officers were consulted for registration process. Community members were mobilized to join the SACCOS. The response was that 57 women and 46 men joined the SACCOS (MKALONGO SACCOS) in the first place. Some organization promised to provide soft loan in 2006/2007 budget through the MKALONGO SACCOS. (Author abstract)