Strategic plan, 2007 - 2010 for Rubya Association

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Southern New Hampshire University
Since Rubya Association (RUA) was registered as an NGO in 1994 it had not been able to provide funds to its constituent communities and its members despite this being RUA's Constitutional objective. On the other hand the RUA financial capacity remained weak and dependent on members' subscriptions and contributions. The collected amount was not enough to provide support to the social and economic development activities of its members and con-stituent communities in Rubya area in Nshamba Division. RUA had initiated strategies to improve its financial capacity and general performance. RUA started the development fund and procured the 'Unit' shares from the Unit Trust. But RUA had realized that it also lacked the framework of making decisions. The RUA Community Needs Assessment (CNA) was carried out using the mix of techniques. One of the CNA technique employed was the survey using questionnaires. The responses from the survey were synthesized and analyzed using the SPSS software (Version 10). The findings of the Needs Assessment indicated that the performance of RUA was faced with general and specific issues. But the stakeholders agreed that the critical issues were to review the purpose and strategic direction of the organization as well as improve RUA's financial capacity. Following this, the RUA strategic planning process was initiated with first carrying out the organization assessment, and developing the RUA vision, Mission and values. The strategic planning process continues. (Author abstract)