Zoos Effects on Animal Conservation

Hammond, Gwyn
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Southern New Hampshire University
Zoos are a multi purpose facilities that house animals and help educate the public on many species, while controversial with some ethical dimemias there are many zoos that contribute to animal conservation efforts. With habitat destruction and more animals becoming endangered there is a stronger need for zoos to become a stronger part of animal conservation efforts to help restore animal populations. There has been focus on how zoos have increased their efforts but not a spotlight on zoo sizes and how that can contribute to conservation efforts. There are many zoos that put time and effort into the translocation of animals but there are not enough across the board to fully make an impact. This problem will be addressed by analyzing what types and sizes of zoos are the most beneficial and how the smaller zoos can improve how they approach the issue of conservation. The research will compare multiple types of zoos and look at their beneficial tactics and implementation of practices that will benefit animals. By looking at the reproductions and translocation rates of these certain zoos I will be able to see what specific practices are most beneficial. The key impact of this study is to see how zoos can further their rehabilitation efforts for animals. With better efforts from zoos, there will be a better chance for the repopulation of endangered animal species.