"Keep the money for yourself"

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Southern New Hampshire University
The Weed and Seed Site is located in west central Jackson, MS. According to the 2000 census, the population for the area was 23,525. More specifically, the demographics of the area include a population that is more than ninety percent African American with a per capita income of less than $13,000 and a poverty ratio that ranges from 30% - 57%. The target population being addressed in "Keep the Money for Yourself" is those residents of the Weed and Seed community whose income is $39,000 or less. Statistics indicates low income residents of the Weed and Seed community and residents with similar demographics often use alternatives financial resources such a check cashing businesses, pawn shops, rent to own, title loans payday loans and rapid anticipation loan organizations. As a result of the exorbitant fees they pay, resources that could be used for improving their quality of life is significantly reduced. This project attempts to identify some of the problems associated with the predatory financial institutions such as the targeting of low-income communities and the negative impact they have on the lives of the residents. More importantly, this project will offer alternative financial resources for the residents that could help to improve their economic quality of life. As a result of the residents having more positive alternatives for meeting their financial needs, they can use the additional resources to help them improve their quality of life. (Author abstract)