Provision of high quality preschool education as an economic development tool : the case of Ngaraba Nursery School in Mabibo Ward in Kinondoni Municipality, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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Southern New Hampshire University
This study was conducted to look at how high quality preschool education can be a useful economic development tool. Ngaraba Nursery School was taken as a case study. The Nursery School is located in Mabibo Ward in Kinondoni Municipality, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania. Ngaraba Nursery School started in 1996 and provides preschool education to approximately 60 children per year. The Nursery School is private and is run by three teachers. The Nursery School provides education to 3-6 years olds from Matokeo, Kanuni, Azimio and Jitegemee Sub-Wards. Parents of children attending/attended Ngaraba Nursery School participated in a survey to collect community members' feelings and opinions about the Nursery School. Results of the survey reveal that the status and learning environment of the Nursery School is poor. The Nursery School cannot maintain the required standards due to inadequate capital. The fees rate per month is TZS 3000. A monthly collection is not enough to pay for salaries and other operational fees and savings. The low level of the Nursery School does not provide ground for raising the fee rate. The Community would like to see the status and learning environment of Ngaraba Nursery School improved. Successful completion of this project is anticipated to improve the status and learning environment of Ngaraba Nursery School. With improved learning environment the Nursery School can raise the fees rate and hence collect enough money to cater for the costs of maintaining the required high preschool standards. (Author abstract)