The Reebok Core Board : analysis of a global sport product

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Southern New Hampshire University
The complexity of developing and successfully launching a global sport product can be overwhelming to international sport business managers who lack a global product & marketing perspective and understanding. It is the goal of this analysis to investigate the development and evolution of a global sport product, the Reebok Core Board, using the contingency theory conceptual framework by examining product and situational factors that led to key challenges faced by Reebok when developing and launching a “global sport product”. There is a detailed assessment of major internal and external conditions shaping outcomes when the Reebok Core Board was launched in the global fitness market. The author endeavors to provide future international product and marketing managers with useful insights and strategic perspective when faced with managing international complexity. Areas of examination for the international business professional include; sport product development, sport marketing, international sport business, alliances, sport consumer research and strategic planning. This historical analysis case study utilizes multiple sources of data including executive interviews, non-confidential marketing plans and secondary resources.
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