Race in America: The History of "Passing" in the South

dc.contributor.advisorRicker, James
dc.contributor.authorAlston-Jones, Madison
dc.description.abstractRace in America, regarding “The History of “Passing” in the South analyzes biracial individuals who used the color of their skin to pass as white in society while also looking at those who were African American that fell on the lighter side. Racial Passing is an overlooked part of American History that is sitting in pandora’s box, waiting to unveil itself. It’s a taboo topic that unravels so much more to American History that is not understood or seen. Looking at this part of history gives us more information on the mental health issues that took place while also looking at the laws that were created to keep blacks and whites segregated. However, we don’t see what that looked like for those who were biracial or could racially pass for a white American. I ended up using sources for this project from primary sources involving photos, legal cases, and census records. Then when it came to my secondary sources, I was able to use Hollywood movies and books that were written by other historians to help me throughout my project. I believe that having a mixture of sources allows me to answer the questions I came up with when I was going down the rabbit hole in regard to the questions that I had when it came to my topic while allowing me to look at the history in between that I will now get to share with others that were unaware of these group of people that were finding, discovering, and hiding, in such a sad and hateful time.
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dc.rightsHolderAlston-Jones, Madison
dc.subject.lcshAfrican Studies
dc.subject.otherAfrican American Passing as White
dc.subject.otherHistory in the South
dc.subject.otherPassing History
dc.subject.otherRace in America
dc.subject.otherRacial Passing
dc.titleRace in America: The History of "Passing" in the South
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