Optimal management of research projects in the not-for-profit sector

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the working paper: "In recent years, most not-for-profits have set up an office of technology transfer to handle those R&D projects which may potentially have commercial value. In fact, in the current environment in which medical reimbursement rates to hospitals have fallen and traditional sources of research grants have dried up, most not-for-profits view the technology transfer office as a potential “profit” center for the institution. As a consequence, the objective function of the technology transfer office is to monetize its R&D projects in an optimal way. We would like to study questions of the following sort. What is the appropriate level of funding by the hospital? Does it make sense for the hospital to partially develop the technology and then sell it? If so, at what point in the development process is it "optimal" to sell the technology?" (Library-derived description)
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