Exploration of factors which affect the provision of care and suooprt for OVCs in Temeke Municipal Council : the case of Mtoni Kwa Azizi Ally

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Southern New Hampshire University
The escalation of HIV/AIDS has posed great challenge to the community. AIDS has killed a number of people while leaving behind Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs). Due to loss of parents, OVCs have become helpless while assuming responsibilities above their age such as care for sick parents in the community. Traditionally, care and support for OVCs was a community responsibility. The Community provided services such as: food, shelter, clothing and parental care. However, with increased number of OVCs and rampant poverty, the community has ceased to offer the expected quality s services. So, OVCs are longer receiving proper attention in the community. The family which is crucial for sustainable care and support for OVCs has been given less attention by the government, NGOs, and other stakeholders. As a result, risks of maltreatment of OVCs in families have increased. The risks affect growth and development of OVCs. Therefore, the study highlights the position and status of OVCs by exploring the factors which affect the provision of support and care for OVCs in the community. (Author abstract)