A multi-service center approach to community economic development in a Weed & Seed Community

dc.contributor.advisorRivera, Jolan
dc.contributor.authorLewis-Porter, Shevelle
dc.description.abstractUrban blight has depleted many neighborhoods of much needed human and financial resources, leaving poor and working class communities deprived of basic services and infrastructure support. This has led to the social isolation of many poor communities from the social and economic mainstream, resulting in citizen apathy, and a myriad of social and economic problems. The Northside Weed & Seed Community is a low to moderate income residential area of approximately 7,500 residents is one such neighborhood. Over the last decade a large portion of the targeted community has seen a decline in income as well as neighborhood deterioration and an increase in crime. These are the conditions that drive and sustain the kind of community that is troubled by violent crime. Because of this, the primary focus for this project will be, "A Multi-Service Center Approach to Community Economic Development in a Weed & Seed Community". The project intended to increase the number of students staying in school and increase parental appreciation of the afterschool programs and services available at the Northwest Resource Center. This would also decrease crime that occurs as a result of low grades, while increasing educational attainment which is directly linked to an increase in crime. This Weed & Seed initiated project provided afterschool educational assistance at the Northwest Resource Center to youth and young adults in the community. The project also provided parents with programming to strengthen the skills and understanding of the importance of educational attainment, while expanding parents' access to social services and family support programs located at the Northwest Resource Center. Implementation of this project started in May 2009 and concluded April 2010. (Author abstract)en_US
dc.description.bibliographicCitationLewis-Porter, S. (2010). A multi-service center approach to community economic development in a Weed & Seed Community. Retrieved from http://academicarchive.snhu.eduen_US
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dc.description.schoolSchool of Community Economic Developmenten_US
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dc.rightsHolderLewis-Porter, Shevelle
dc.subject.lcshSouthern New Hampshire University -- Theses (Community Economic Development)en_US
dc.subject.othercrime preventionen_US
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dc.subject.otherhigh school drop-outen_US
dc.subject.otherSpartanburg County (SC)en_US
dc.subject.otherSouth Carolina (US)en_US
dc.titleA multi-service center approach to community economic development in a Weed & Seed Communityen_US
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