Rosh Hashanah Dinner

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Rosh Hashanna Dinner is a photograph depicting the movement and passage of time. Visualized through long exposure, the traces of a lively dinner party echos in the space. Rosh Hashanna Dinner is a Photograph from Yoav Horesh's series Intransition, a series of photographs that concerns time, change, growth, and evolvement. As much as the work related to Yoav Horesh's own experiences, it also served as a visual diary and related to collective history and memory. In Rosh Hashanna Dinner, and entire duration of a holiday dinner is being compressed into a single image.
Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Yoav Horesh has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums in Germany, Italy, Israel, the United States, Sweden, Russia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, and Peru. Yoav’s work has been featured by Amnesty International, as well as in magazines, art journals, and websites across three continents. He has given public lectures and artists talks in art schools, universities, and galleries in the United States, Israel, China, and Europe. Since 2001, Horesh’s work has been concerned with history, conflict, memory, ethnicity and multiculturalism. His projects have taken him to the American South-west, Germany, Laos, Israel, the Gaza Strip, Bolivia, Vietnam, Mongolia and Cambodia; places where history still shapes and influences current events and daily life. Yoav’s work is included in many private and public collections including The Addison Gallery for American Art, Ashdod Museum of Art, The Museum of New Art in Michigan, and Utah Museum of Fine Arts. His second monograph “Aftermath” (2016) was published by SPQR Editions. Horesh has received various awards, commissions, and grants including the Agnes Martin Award, The Exceptional Artist Award in Israel, The Projektraum-Bahnhof25 residency award, The Emmanuel College Artist Residency, and the Mortimer Frank Grant. Since completing his MFA from Columbia University in 2005, Yoav has been teaching in universities and colleges in the United States, Hong Kong, Europe, and Israel. In the summer of 2017, Horesh was hired as the Chair of the Photography Department at The New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH.