Re-inventing CARD MRI's information technology strategy : formation of IT company as a holistic approach to systems integration, infrastructure innovation and services expansion

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Southern New Hampshire University
The Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD) has been in the forefront of innovation in the Philippines' microfinance industry. Its aggressive expansion has driven CARD's information technology requirements to unprecedented scope. What used to be a small IT Unit of CARD, Inc. and CARD Bank needed to cater to enterprise-wide demands that quickly became beyond the IT staff's capacity to deliver. Technology-related strategies have to be redefined, processes need to be re-engineered, infrastructure re-designed, and human resources be more intelligently recruited and allocated for the IT Unit to survive CARD's challenges. Seeing these as opportunities rather than threats in the organization, this project aims to facilitate system integration among the institutions, to innovate their technology groundwork, and to expand IT services beyond CARD MRI. Transforming the IT Unit to an IT Company will make those objectives easier to attain by giving the IT management and employees more liberty in strategic direction and operational decisions. To enable this re-invention, there needs to be a restructuring from the ground up. Manual operations will be automated, core banking system will be centralized, and user training will be emphasized to achieve an efficient Management Information System. These will then translate into higher productivity and profitability for CARD MRI. (Author abstract)