Project proposal for the El-Shadai Orphans Home (EOH) orphanage project

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Southern New Hampshire University
Orphans and vulnerable children are always confronted with immense psychological and social problems. As they grow older, they are also vulnerable to maltreatment (harassment and violence), economic and sexual abuse and exploitation, due to lack of care and protection. These risks and other vulnerabilities are also likely to harm their future livelihoods as well. A sustained commitment to protecting and improving the lives of these orphaned and vulnerable children is required so as to ensure that their needs are addressed through actions at the local level as well as at the higher levels, so that interventions made can achieve the widest possible impact. The El-Shadai Orphans Home (EOH) is a Community - Based Organization (CBO) based in Kibangu area, Ubungo ward in Kinondoni Municipality. The organization decided to set up a centre for orphans and other vulnerable children so as to address their problems at the community level. In view of the envisaged initial capital investment, the EOH with a technical support of Domina Rweyemamu (Mrs.), a student pursuing MSc. CED programme offered by the Southern New Hampshire University at the Open University of Tanzania pledged to develop a proposal to facilitate mobilization of required resources to implement EOH Orphanage Project. Moreover, the organization required the project proposal in order to ensure that the opinions, suggestions and views of stakeholders at different levels were taken into consideration prior to embarking on actual implementation of orphanage project. The general objective of the proposed project is to provide support to orphans and vulnerable children so as to enable them live a normal life like other children in the country. The project is largely aimed at providing care to the orphans and vulnerable children who do not have parents or guardians to look after them as well as assisting them to acquire basic education by supporting them attend nursery and primary schools. The EOH identified Gwata Ujembe Village in Mikese Ward, Morogoro District in Morogoro Region as a community were the centre will be established. A participatory approach was adopted in preparing this proposal. The process involved a survey in Gwanta Ujembe community were the orphanage centre will be set up. Besides the survey at the community level, discussions and consultations were as well made with officials in the Ministry of Labour, Youth Development and Sports which is responsible for social welfare. Other orphanages based in Dar es Salaam were visited to learn the way such facilities are operated. Others consulted were Engineers and Architects. Acquisition of land and construction of buildings for the centre is estimated at TShs. 148.00 million. Purchasing of furniture, equipment and recreational facilities for the centre is estimated to cost TShs. 79.00 million. Implementation of this project proposal has already started with the Gwata Ujembe Village Government contribution by allocating a total of 150 acres of land to the EOH organization to facilitate construction of buildings, play grounds. (Author abstract)