Introducing sustainable agriculture techniques to the Ingui Tuareg community of northern Niger

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Southern New Hampshire University
The goal of this project was to introduce and provide training in sustainable agricultural irrigation techniques to students and parents at the Ingui School in order to meet the short-term food security needs of students and to provide an additional source of economic revenue for the Ingui School. This report provides detailed information on the problems facing the Ingui community, and project development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Results of the project evaluation indicate that project beneficiaries had increased knowledge of drip irrigation technology and business management skills. In addition, results indicated that the majority of garden produce was being consumed by schoolchildren, providing them with health and nutritious food. Finally, due to the short duration of the project, data was insufficient to evaluate the change in school revenue from the sale of garden produce. Overall, the project was successful in that all activities were implemented and the majority of project targets met. (Author abstract)