Factors affecting growth and expansion of women's microenterprises : the case of Rosella Women group in Dodoma Municipality

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Southern New Hampshire University
The project on factors affecting growth and expansion of women micro-enterprises involved Rosella Women Group based in Dodoma town. The group is engaged in the cultivation of rosella flowers, drying and processing the flower into juice and jam for sell. The main objective of the project was to find out why the group's enterprise was not growing and expanding since it was started 9 years ago and then recommend appropriate measures to facilitate growth and expansion of the women's enterprise which was necessary to improve their livelihood. The research findings revealed that the group was unable to expand their enterprise due to the following problems and constraints: (i) Lack of capital; (ii) Lack of appropriate technology for rosella flower drying and wine processing; (iii) Inability to access financial support and markets outside Dodoma Region; (iv) Inadequate land for increased production of raw material; and (v) Lack of business skills. This situation had a negative impact on the incomes of the group which remained low throughout the project life. It was also found that the group could not access financial support from potential donors because it was not registered as an NGO. This being the case, it was recommended to assist the group to register itself as an NGO and write a proposal for funding to be submitted to potential donors. The financial assistance to the group would be used to secure solar drier machines, wine processing plant and for training of the group members on business development skills. The total financial assistance required is Tshs 30,500,000/= (US $ 23,462). (Author abstract)