Improvement of a community sewerage system at Sinza B

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Southern New Hampshire University
The research study was conducted in Sinza A in Kinondoni District in Dar-es-salaam, in order to determine the level of community participation in improvement of the communal sewerage system. The main objective of the project was to support the local CBO (SIDECO) both technically and institutionally in order to enhance the CBO's service delivery capacity. The project specific objective was to mobilize funds both locally and externally, for improvement of a community sewerage system at Sinza B. A needs assessment was carried out through pair wise ranking tool in order to identify community felt needs. The most felt need by community members was improvement of a community sewerage system in the area. An assessment of SIDECO's capacity was carried out to determine the CBOs capacity to address the community needs. A questionnaire survey was then carried out to determine the level of participation of community members in improvement of the sewerage system. A sample of 250 household heads was selected at random for interviews. Important research findings were (i) high incidence of water-borne diseases especially cholera and diarrhea which were associated to poor sewage system (ii) the majority of respondents (80%) were willing to contribute to improvement of sewerage system (iii) the minority of respondents (20%) who were not willing, were tenants in houses they were residing, they perceived that the sewerage service costs were covered in the monthly rents paid (iv) most landlords in Sinza B area belong to medium - high income category and were capable of contributing financially to the improvement of sewerage system, (v) lack of awareness on sanitation and hygiene promotion among the residents of Sinza B was a major obstacle towards improving hygiene in the area and (vi) that the capacity of SIDECO is still inadequate to address the community needs at Sinza B. The recommendation of this study was the CBOs capacity building through development of a "Project Proposal on Improvement of Community Sewerage System in Sinza B". The implementation of the recommendation involved development of the "Project Proposal" to assist in local and external fund raising exercise as well as setting out appropriate mechanism for improvement of the facility. The total project was estimated at Tsh.121,452,000/- (US$110,411), where the community in Sinza B will contribute Tshs.60,575,000/- (US$.55,068) or 50%, Kinondoni Municipal Tsh.6,950,000/-(US$.6,318) or 6% and Japanese Embassy in DSM Tsh.53,927,000/- (US$.49,025) or 44%. The project proposal was submitted to Embassy of Japan and now awaits consideration for funding. Meanwhile the project's preliminary activities including community mobilization, local fund raising, awareness raising programs, had been initiated in the project area by SIDECO. (Author abstract)