How does the implementation of Math in Focus affect the way teachers make decisions about teaching methods?

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Southern New Hampshire University
This study addressed the question, how the implementation of Math in Focus affects the way teachers make decisions about their teaching methods. For this qualitative study, I conducted interviews with four New Hampshire middle school math teachers who had recently begun using a new mathematics program in their classrooms. Math in Focus is a Singapore curriculum that is based on the Common Core State Standards, which have been recently adopted by New Hampshire schools. Using open coding and themes, I found three overlying conclusions from my data analysis. The factors affecting teacher’s methods the most were: the type of classroom design, the depth of gaps to be filled in students’ background knowledge, and the teacher’s years of classroom experience. I was able to conclude that a new program will change teaching methods, but there are other factors influencing their teaching practices, such as standards changes and types of learners. (Author abstract)