Using an academic training room to enhance economics literacy training

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Southern New Hampshire University
The focus of this paper is to assess the current status of basic economics literacy primarily, though not exclusively, among high-school age students. Although the primary focus of the authors was directed to the secondary-level student population within the State of New Hampshire, considerable evidence indicates that similar proficiency levels exist on a nationwide basis. Indeed, student performance on the economics component of standardized social studies examinations in New Hampshire tend to parallel the results reported in nationwide studies. In general, a majority of students lack an understanding of basic economic concepts. The authors intend to demonstrate that a number of factors, many of which are systemic in nature, conspire to limit satisfactory student performance on such assessments. In the end, and on a practical level, we will discuss the attributes which a stateof-the-art, technology-based venue can offer to both students and teachers with respect to improving basic economics literacy among high school students. The paper will be developed as follows: Part I will frame the nature of the problem; Part II contains a survey of literature germane to this topic; Part III summarizes current national legislative trends; Part IV addresses curriculum frameworks, standards and assessments currently in force in New Hampshire; and Part V outlines the opportunities to use the assets of The Center for Financial Studies at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to enhance economics literacy.
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