Privatization and regulation in Turkish telecommunications

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Southern New Hampshire University
The importance of efficient workings of network industries and the markets in which they operate has long been recognized in the literature. In a parallel fashion, policy makers around the world initiated various restructuring efforts focusing on these sectors. However, the issues of privatization and much needed subsequent regulatory framework face considerable challenges in developing countries. Both political opposition and difficulties encountered in the process of privatization caused major delays in overall privatization and restructuring efforts of these countries. This paper focuses on the telecommunications sector and the Turk Telekom case, in particular, assessing the prospects for its much-debated divestiture, evaluating the company specifics and subsequent regulatory agenda. In doing that, it emphasizes the current "telecom meltdown" in international markets, and compares telecommunications privatizations of various nations. Additionally, the study reviews major regulatory methods and draws on some recommendations for policy makers in the light of the U.S experience in this sector.
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