Employer-assisted housing : a solution to the workforce housing issue in New Hampshire

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Southern New Hampshire University
Affordable housing is lacking in New Hampshire. To keep New Hampshire’s economy vibrant and diverse, we must look to new and creative affordable housing solutions to help New Hampshire’s workforce stay strong and its businesses stay competitive. One possible solution is Employer-Assisted Housing (EAH). Employer-Assisted Housing programs can provide direct financial assistance, as well as home buyer and financial fitness education to New Hampshire’s workforce. Employees who have access to EAH programs are able to reduce commute times, have more stable home environments, better attitudes, and are less likely to leave their place of employment. Employers who provide EAH programs have benefited by increased recruitment, reduced turnover, increased company morale and have become leaders in their industry. EAH programs have proven to be a cost effective way to help bridge the gap of housing affordability for low and moderate-income workers. This paper illustrates how a creative and simple Employer-Assisted Housing partnership between the public and private sector can effectively help ease the workforce housing issue within our state. (Author abstract)