Capacity buildings for high quality response to orphans at Malezi Alive Pioneer's at Mbeya Town

dc.contributor.authorMwalutende, Ezekiel Jacksonen_US
dc.description.abstractThis is a report on a study undertaken for the ultimate purpose of designing a capacity building for Malezi alive pioneer which is situated in Mbeya municipal the MAP believe there will be an increasing in a number of orphans or otherwise made vulnerable by AIDS in Mbeya. They are not likely, however, to stand out as a distinct group requiring separate, new programs. They will add to the number of children on the street, at risk of moving into the street, at risk of sexual or Physical abuse or exploitation, at risk of labor exploitation, and at risk of HIV infection. Their needs require attention, but not as a separate area of activity. Much of the community-oriented work being done by NGOs in Mbeya is similar to the most promising intervention to address the needs of orphans. The over all objectives of the study was to design a training programme for MAP incorporating the following:- * To make a through review current stock of human resources and organizational capacity of MAP of stakeholder groups and institutions. * To assess capacity building i.e. training needs for prioritized groups. * To make recommendations on management of capacity building by preparing a training programme according to a Identified priorities. * To make cost estimates of the proposed training programme. Capacity building is a two way street it embraces respect for, and wider application of local traditional and scientific knowledge, innovations and practices. The term capacity building is intended to capture the need to meet challenges by increasing the ability of individual communities, business, industries, institutions, governments and other organizations. The recommendations in this paper include on going information sharing, but stress the need for a focus on ways to enhance access to, understanding of and application of information at Malezi Alive Pioneer's. This information sharing orientation could be considered as the first phase of a capacity building focus. Currently, the number of children supported has grown from 5 in 1999 to 46 in 2005. The increase has mainly been to the number of new and better projects they have initiated recently. The CBO has diversified its programs and provides preventive ADDS education to the youth in the community. * Recreational services to poor children * School assistance program for children of poor families * Vocational training and a credit program to street children. The overall objectives of the study was to design a capacity building program for Malezi alive pioneer's by incorporating the following. * To make a review on a current stock of human resources and organizational capacity of malezi alive pioneer's stakeholders * To assess capacity building * To make cost estimate of the proposed training programme. (Author abstract)en
dc.description.bibliographicCitationMwalutende, E. J. (2005). Capacity buildings for high quality response to orphans at Malezi Alive Pioneer's at Mbeya town. Retrieved from http://academicarchive.snhu.eduen_US
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dc.description.schoolSchool of Community Economic Developmenten_US
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dc.sourceOriginal format: Bound CED Project Report, Shapiro Library, Southern New Hampshire Universityen_US
dc.subject.lcshSouthern New Hampshire University -- Theses (Community Economic Development)en_US
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dc.subject.othercapacity buildingen_US
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dc.titleCapacity buildings for high quality response to orphans at Malezi Alive Pioneer's at Mbeya Townen_US
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