Economy empowerment of Liberian immigrants through basic life skills : Concord, New Hampshire

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "The core problem targeted in this project is "Lack of Income Generation", which is creating mass poverty in the refugee community as well as in the immigrant community in New Hampshire. This project has already identified the causes and effects of the core problem in the form of a problem tree. Again, these causes and sub-causes includes: limited education, language barriers, lack of communication, public transportations, isolation, moves to another state for better opportunities, recession, hiring freezes, cultural shock, discrimination and barriers to employment. Due to these causes, the Liberian and the entire immigrant community could be affected by not having jobs, money, or health benefits leadings to poor living standards as well depression and dependency on the federal government for support. In order to overcome these issues, the community needs to seek help from local government and other organizations to establish programs such as after-school programs for children and microfinance for those interested in opening businesses as well as basic English and technology classes to expand the capability of the Liberian as well as entire immigrant community." (Library-derived description)