Capacity building on children rights, Arusha Municipality

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Southern New Hampshire University
In Tanzania, Children's rights have yet to achieve a central place on the public agenda. Children's voices are just 'slightly' being heard in some aspect but the listeners sometimes opt for dumbness than listen to children. The power and clarity of the voices of young people who speak about their future and the importance of realizing their right is crucial towards achieving a more just and peaceful society. The struggle of children who have been abused and neglected (or left without parental care) seems to push a lot of children to streets where they believe they can make a living through begging and small businesses. Most realize when it is almost too late that, out there, life is more insecure. In fact, they are made to have no other option to take. Too many children are made to face terrible violence and abuse in the streets, but to them, this environment feels to be harmonious than their formal parents' life. Aiming at improving the welfare of children, CHISWEA found it important, that the society is educated on the children rights so that much louder voices made by the children are given attention and therefore addressed at family, national and regional level. (Author abstract)