Advocating for out of school youth employment : conversations with youth from Central Harlem

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "The employment and earnings prospects of out-of-school youth, which includes low educational achievers and high school dropouts, have always been worse than those of high school graduates or of youth with higher educational achievements. Today, the differences in employment and earnings attributable to educational attainment are wider than ever. Major economic and business trends offer little hope that these differences will diminish. Furthermore, the rapidly growing youth population now experiences increasing pressure from: declining real earnings, competition for jobs from immigrants and former public assistance recipients, the impacts of incarceration, and a high rate of out-of-wedlock births...The role of this project on a local level was to help youth in Central Harlem identify their own issues to advocate for and document the experience of a group of out-of-school youth. With the help of a local church and some volunteers, the youth educated their peers by facilitating an employment workshop based on the group's overall experience. By facilitating various relationships between elected officials, the community and local businesses the youth were able to find summer jobs and participate in the second annual Harlem Youth Conference sponsored by Assemblyman Keith Wright (D-NY)." (Library-derived description)