Performance of women micro - enterprises in Misungwi village : the case study of Ushirikiano CBO

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project report concerns Ushirikiano Women Micro - Enterprise, based at Mwembe Traffic bus stop over, Misungwi Village in Mwanza region, Tanzania - East Africa. The CBO trades in processed fish. Ushirikiano women micro-enterprise entrepreneurs like any other women dealing with small and medium business below the Sahara desert, is faced with problems that hinder their business performance / growth. The identified problem includes; lack of capital, entrepreneurships among women entrepreneurs and traditional prejudices that tend to discriminate women from access, ownership and control of productive resources. Another important impinging factor relates to lack of policy framework and support from leaders both at local and national level to support women entrepreneurs. However, from field practical experience it has been discovered that, large family size act as a stumbling block to women micro-enterprises growth due to the fact that, much of generated income is spent on meeting basic family needs such as food, medical care and school fees. The project has proved to be a success as there have been both internal and external impacts. Internal impact relates to increased capacity of women micro-enterprises entrepreneurs to operate their business more scientifically. This enabled them to generate more profits. As a result their ability to meet other family basic needs have relatively increased, apart from their business operations being improved tremendously. Among the external outcomes obtained is the establishment of one new CBO. (Author abstract)