Lowell foreclosure prevention program

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Southern New Hampshire University
The proposal is to create a Foreclosure Prevention Program in Lowell, Massachusetts. The challenge facing many home owners with adjustable rate and sub prime mortgages is compounded by the current real estate market. Many home owners with these types of mortgages owe more than the property is currently worth. Lowell enjoys great ethnic diversity. This diversity introduces increased vulnerability for many people who are not familiar with or connected with traditional lending services. The homeowners at risk fall into three categories: 1. Those who have not yet purchased a home but are likely targets. 2. Those who have a mortgage in good standing but face increased riskas the interest rates adjust. 3. Those who have mortgages in default This program goal is to achieve the following outcomes: Those who have not yet purchase will be encouraged to attend an approved, pre-purchase home buyer training program. Refinancing options will be promoted to those with risky loans that are still in good standing. For those already in default, the creation of information resources to provide foreclosure process education and possible legal options. (Author abstract)