Capacity building program towards a healthy Cambodia microfinance industry and satisfied microfinance clients

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Southern New Hampshire University
This is a project envisioning transformation of Cambodia microfinance institutions (MFIs) to include competitive products and services in order to satisfy the unending needs of the clients. The microfinance industry in Cambodia grew at a rapid pace, however, now small players are challenged to catch up with the pioneers. Furthermore, MFIs are also burdened with financial problems, clients with multiple loans, high portfolio at risk, and frauds committed by staff or by clients. Thus, this project will focus on small MFIs to equip them with the necessary skills and technology in order to survive in a competitive environment. The project constitutes to a capacity-building program composed of all interventions needed to boost the potentials of the MFIs. The capacity-building program consists of coaching and mentoring, training and exposure visits, investments, link aging and mobilizing resources, advocacy and lobbying, and research and product development. The program helped the MFIs to acquire new technology in order to implement microfinance operations, create new products and services that provide more benefit to the clients, mobilize grants and loan funds that the MFIs could use in their operations and staff training and development, and lobby with regulators about implementing new products and strategies for the benefit of poor clients. It is expected that these interventions implemented with the MFIs will result in smooth operations and sustainability of the MFIs and create the ability to respond to and satisfy the changing needs of empowered microfinance clients. (Author abstract)