Improving access to community water supply : a case of Tambukareli sub community - Geita District

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Southern New Hampshire University
Tambukareli sub community is located in Ihayabuyaga Village, Geita district in Mwanza region. With population of more than 1500 people, communities in Tambukareli are facing inadequate access to water supply in their community. In order to solve that problem, communities decided to organize themselves to use the available water source to supply water within the community with a support from other stakeholders. The major activity planned under this project was to construct water supply scheme in order to increase accessibility of water supply throughout the year, closer to the user homes. With support from the CED student, Tambukareli water user group (TWUG) management, managed to prepare a project proposal for fund raising. The proposal was submitted to Plan International, a development NGO located in Geita. The proposal was successfully accepted by Plan International and managed to disburse funds amounting to Tshs. 78,518,300 for the purpose of completing the intended project activities. The design of the project was community based. Thus, capacity building component was included in the proposal. During the project implementation, water user group leaders and other community leaders were trained in various areas of project management in order to increase their knowledge and skills for the sustainability of the project. Meanwhile, all initial preparations of the project have been completed including purchase of pipes and its accessories ready for water scheme construction work expected to start in early April 2007. Mid term evaluation of the project has been done in order to assess the extent to which the project has achieved its objectives. Evaluation report showed that objectives has not achieved to date, however, all activities planned to achieve the intended objectives are on truck and hopefully in next few months, families at Tambukareli sub community will enjoy water closer to their homes. (Author abstract)