Income generating capacity building project proposal of Kisarawe Upendo Development Group

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Southern New Hampshire University
This report provides a descriptive analysis done within Upendo Development Group of undertaking a research on the problems facing the growth and sustainability of the income generating programs initiated by the group two years ago. The study emanates from a broader objective of Tanzania of ensuring that local community members should benefit from income generating projects established in the communities. The report reviews the microenterprise programs initiated by UDG and, in the process, assesses its efficiency and sustainability, hence, proposes the immediate measures to be taken in order to build a capacity of overcoming the shortcomings. The report relied more on primary data sources collected from the group and review of previous studies done on income generating capacity building. Results indicate that previous UDG attempts aimed at initiating microenterprise programs without much consideration for entrepreneurial trainings and skills to its members. This approach resulted in the low participation and commitment to group members and hence poor performance on income generating programs was obtained. However, this report argues that capacity building through entrepreneurial knowledge and skills may accelerate the growth and sustainability of UDG programs. Knowledge, skills and abilities can provide both the group members with the necessary involvement to participate into income generating activities as well as creating awareness of how to run microenterprise programs, hence, increasing production which leads to viable income to be generated and distributed to members. The income generating projects is perceived to be necessary, as it has the potential to eradicate poverty and contribute to sustainable community livelihoods, particularly if is well managed and sustainable. (Author abstract)