Gender Equity Prioritization by and Gender Attitudes of Professors in Teacher Preparation Programs

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Southern New Hampshire University
In response to the research findings that teacher gender biases negatively impact students, this quantitative research study gathered data on how professors in teacher preparation programs and professors in those programs in New England are prioritizing gender equity among other social justice issues, and what those professors’ gender attitudes are. One hundred eighty-one professors currently teaching in preparation programs in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont responded to the electronically distributed survey. The results from the surveyed participants indicate that institutional and personal priority of gender equity among other social justice issues is low. However, these surveyed participants had highly positive gender attitude scores. The lack of gender equity prioritization among other social justice issues by surveyed participants suggests that these positive gender attitude scores are not being passed on to teacher candidates, however more research is needed on this point. Though the results failed to meet required assumptions for statistical analyses, the data gathered in this nascent study provide a plethora of opportunities for future research. Keywords: Gender equity, gender attitudes, prioritization, social justice issues, professors, teacher preparation programs, heteronormativity