Bridge City/Shrewsbury Community Development Project

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project "This project is a Single Family Home Development for low to moderate-income homeowners. This project takes place in Jefferson Parish Louisiana. The objectives and goals of this project were based on a need assessment that was performed by the non-profit sponsor three years ago. The project is being sponsored by the Jefferson Housing Foundation (JHF) a 501c(3) non-profit organization. This project is intended to develop single family homes that will be sold to first time homeowners in the Shrewsbury and Bridge City communities. The lots that the homes will be constructed on will be purchased during project implementation phase of this project. The non-profit will work in conjunction with Opal Homes a for profit developer to develop this project. This development project will use $630,000.00 of HOME funding that has been allocated by the local government jurisdiction to the non-profit for the redevelopment of these communities. This funding will be leveraged with private financing to acquire property and construct each home. The developers of this project will work in conjunction with the community churches as well as the neighborhood organization to plan this project for these two communities. Opal Homes is a Limited Liability Corporation that is comprised of the non-profit sponsor and a for profit developer. This entity will sign a development agreement with the sponsor to develop this project." (Library-derived description)