Analyzing Subway’s successful social media efforts

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Southern New Hampshire University
“Analyzing Subway’s Successful Social Media Efforts” is a required project for the social media and marketing communications course. This project, which began during the fall semester of 2014, involves identifying Subway’s varying advertisement campaigns, the main target market these ads are intended for, the main media vehicles used to deliver these ads, and how effective these ads are in expanding Subway’s global footprint. More specifically, the research paper uncovers Subway’s varying advertisement campaign themes, multiple execution styles, and how Subway successfully applies the dual adaptation strategy in global markets through the use of social media formats Facebook and Twitter. The research also highlights the company’s history, main competitor, product lines and assortment, and its recent financial success. The paper concludes that Doctor’s Association’s Subway brand is highly successful in marketing its products due to its ability to relate the themes of health and fitness with its submarine sandwiches in ads that vary in both execution style and in media format based on the respective audience the company is trying to target. (Author abstract)