A project report on community empowerment and support for vulnerable children in Kitunda Ward, Dar es Salaam

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Southern New Hampshire University
Communities are faced with many social and economic challenges. One of the social challenges is the increasing number of vulnerable children mainly as the result of death of one or both parents, extreme poverty, family disharmony, marriage breakdowns and lack of appropriate parental care. This report is centered on the intervention made on the proliferation of vulnerable children but specifically in two main aspects i.e. ) Providing opportunities for schooling to vulnerable children aged between 7 and 17 years old, ii) Controlling proliferation of vulnerable children by addressing economic hardships at the households level. The project which this report is all about is being implemented by Himiza Development Group, a Community Based Organization based in Kitunda ward of Dar es Salaam. So far, the outcomes of the project have been: ) enrolment of 14 children into formal primary school system, and ii) enrolment of 30 children into vocational training centers. All the 44 children were at one time in the streets of Kitunda doing nothing but some menial jobs. Also, there is a well thought out plan to reach 400 children and empower at least 40 parents and guardians to start income generating projects after accessing loans from Micro Finance Institutions. The roles of the author during implementation of the project have been planning and writing of proposal documents for funding while the CBO leaders have been coordinating and doing the work. (Author abstract)