[Organizing CED in Littleton, N. H.]

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "The voice and face of our community are to a great extent the employees of our local retail establishments, town employees, waitresses, secretaries, receptionists, etc. Often the impressions given to visitors to our community by these people is the basis in which the merits of our town are judged, both positively and negatively. The purpose of the first phase of my project was to attract a good cross section of employers, employees, town workers, etc., to a forum where there could be a "meeting of the minds" on important topics such as the importance of attitudes in our daily lives, how these attitudes are expressed, verbally and non-verbally to co-workers, customers, visitors, etc., how to exercise attitude control, how to manage time more effectively, how to handle complaints, and ways to broaden our skills regarding inter-personal relationships. The goal of the series of workshops was to help each individual to see the bigger picture of which he/she is a part, and to promote benefits of our community to others from our own vantage point, with the betterment of the entire community as our goal. It's been a year since the initial workshop was con-ducted. The participants are still talking about the benefits to them and the day to day application of the principles taught. This report includes the results of a follow-up workshop conducted in November 1983. Even though the project is officially over, my intentions are to offer this type of workshop on an ongoing basis in the future. The final document in this report is the survey instrument which will be administered to approximately 300 people in Littleton, in order to determine the residents satisfaction with the "as is" situation and serve as a guide to the Selectmen and Town Manager in implementing needed changes in the follow-ing areas: Town Management, Property Taxes, 1-93 Impact, and Local Industry." (Library-derived description)