How economic, social service and housing policies impact homelessness : a case study of Manchester, New Hampshire

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Southern New Hampshire University
How do economic and housing policies affect a City? Homelessness is a reflection of the impact that a city's economic, housing and social service policies has on its residents. Manchester has limited amounts of affordable housing, living wage jobs, and a limited and stigmatizing social service network. On the positive side, Manchester has obtained three reports that could change its policy and value systems that impact on its housing dilemma. The City of Manchester's homeless population is affected by many different trigger factors that have created a housing crisis and homelessness. These include: 1. Economic development policies that influence a person's ability to afford or obtain permanent housing. 2. Service delivery policies that either prevents homelessness or assist people who, due to lack of skills and knowledge, are unable to maintain their housing. 3. Housing policies that influence the spectrum of available permanent housing opportunities. This report examines the existing residual policies of Manchester and how, the adoption of certain policy recommendations can create an institutional social welfare system that co-exists within a developmental model. (Author abstract)