A study on the maternal mortality : "A case of Tumbatu Island in Zanzibar"

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Southern New Hampshire University
This study on maternal mortality in Tumbatu Island was conducted in 2006 as partial fulfillment for the completion of the post graduate studies in Community Economic Development. The study reveals the need for improving maternal health facilities. The study found that 44.4% of mothers died on maternal cases in the island for the last one year. At the same time 55.6% of babies born died, with a higher proportion of baby boys than girls. This paper is divided into six chapters. Chapter one is presenting community needs assessment which includes community profile, demographic, social cultural factors, geographical features, administrative structure; community needs assessment methodology and results. Chapter two starts with problem identification and goes on to present the problem statement, the project goal and objectives as well as stakeholders analysis. Chapter three is about the literature reviews where theoretical literatures, empirical literatures and policy reviews are presented. Chapter four deals with the actual project plan, implementation, products and outputs. Chapter five is concerned with Monitoring and Evaluation plan adopted, definition, institutional arrangements and classification of both intermediate and final indicators as well as methodology for monitoring and evaluation and the results. Chapter six attempt to draws Conclusion and Recommendations as remedies for the community problems and achieve their needs. (Author abstract)