Entrepreneurial skills training for youth : the case of Buswelu Ward Mwanza

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project describes youths struggles in income generating activities, examines the extent to which entrepreneur skills could bridge business challenges they are facing. The project strives to facilitate youth groups, which are engaged in firewood/charcoal stoves enterprises, to create employment and ensure environmental sustainability. Analysis of different info and data indicate that the community is less aware about the impact of smoke generated by traditional woodstove to their health and to the environment. The data and the historical use of traditional woodstove to their health and to the environmentThese data and the historical use of traditional woodstoves have for many years have become one of the hindering factors to this business. The project intervention point to the problem will be focused on the developing the capacity of youth in terms of entrepreneurship skills to: - Build and support opportunities for youth to participate in a fair trade movement, - Develop open trading and financial systems that are predictable and non-discriminatory. - Address youth self-employment as a fundamental block to poverty eradication. - Use micro finance and skills development initiatives to reduce barriers for youth entrepreneurship. - Seek government facilitator role in nurturing youth enterprise. - Building partnerships between youth, community, and private sector to meet the community needs. - Lead economic, social and environmental enterprises. This will help in achieving project objectives. The objects are as follows:- - To establish the making of firewood stove in Buwselu. - To create awareness in Buswelu Community to use improved firewood stoves. - To improve youths welfare and economic development in Buswelu community - To train youth in entrepreneurial skills to improve their businesses. (Author abstract)