Project proposal for the Manchester Food Co-op : "bringing the community to the table"

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Southern New Hampshire University
This report documents the initial stages of development of The Manchester Food Cooperative. It will be a profitable cooperatively owned and operated grocery market venture as well as having the added advantage of bringing people together to build a stronger and healthier community in Manchester, New Hampshire. The inner city of Manchester is essentially a "food desert" or "food swamp" lacking access to healthy, locally produced, affordable food for years. The existing grocery stores are not easily accessed by foot, bicycle or bus and the small "convenience" stores offer expensive and often distressed products. The Manchester Food Co-op will work in partnership with the City of Manchester, churches, local civic groups, businesses, schools, hospitals, residents, employees and the newly proposed Market Basket to provide access to a full service grocery shopping environment, with an emphasis towards eating and living in a more healthy and sustainable manner. (Author abstract)