Increasing access to anti-retro viral treatment for women and girls living with HIV/AIDS : the case study of Kikuyu North Ward, Dodoma Region

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Southern New Hampshire University
The increasing accessibility to HIV/AIDS treatment for girls and women project supported the implementation of Tanzania government initiative to provide free ant-retroviral drugs for the people living with HIV/AIDS. The project ensured equitable access to HIV treatment and care, notably for acutely vulnerable populations such as girls and women. The project focused on following cross - cutting and institutional actions which facilitated program towards ensuring equitable access to HIV treatment for girls and women. Project objectives were: (1) to conduct information campaigns for interest groups on availability of HIV treatment, this had biggest impact on awareness of people on availability of HIV treatment. This was done in workshop manner and home visits. (2) To mobilize women and girls and encouraging couples counseling at voluntary testing for HIV centers to better ensure male involvement. This supported results oriented service delivery and enabled more people to be tested. In turn it reduced rate of new infections, and improved their access to HIV treatment. (3) To increase economic improvement for women and girls living with HIV through access to micro - credit programs, job and skills training and assistance with property and inheritance rights, these were done by lobbying and facilitating linkage of women and girls living with HIV/AIDS to micro -lending institutions, this had biggest impact on reducing income poverty among women and girls living with HIV/AIDS. Linking women and girls living which HIV/AIDS to legal services ensured their property and inheritance rights are respected by community members. (Author abstract)