Jeter community garden and farmer’s market project

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Southern New Hampshire University
The Jeter Community Garden and Farmer’s Market Project is a program designed for the Opelika’s Jeter Community for residents of all ages living in Opelika Alabama. The purpose of this project is to provide residents with gardening-related skills, financial resources and entrepreneurship development that will enable them to advance closer to self-employment and personal goals to give them an opportunity to become active participants in the social, political and economic richness of American life. The main purpose is to empower the Jeter community with knowledge; skills and development that they need to gain self employment and better economic opportunities in order to tackle poverty. This project is implemented in partnership with the Greater Peace Community Development Corporation of Opelika AL, for an initial period of one year. The Greater Peace Community Development Corporation (GPCDC) was setup as a public nonprofit 501(c) (3) that was created in 2000 to provide services and programs to promote financial and economic stability and improve the quality of citizens. The mission of Greater Peace CDC is to provide effective programs in community economic development that will facilitate community members with empowerment thus leading to revitalized neighborhoods in the east Alabama region. Over the years, Greater Peace CDC has shown great leadership and has demonstrated a steadfast and unyielding history of providing their professional experience to develop vital services that promote change, and our partnership to develop the Jeter Community Garden and Framer’s market will yield an abundance of fruit. (Author abstract)