Twenty years of life

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Southern New Hampshire University
This multimedia memoir will about the experiences I have gone through since arriving at Southern New Hampshire University four years ago. It will contain what hurts, what feels good, what feels bad, and everything in-between. This memoir will hold no boundaries with themes such as self-discovery, depression, suicide, self-injury, drug and alcohol addiction, pregnancy, relationship, love, sex, and lastly sexual assault. Objectives for this thesis project will be to provoke certain types of emotions, using both photography and writing. Mixing these two mediums together will give the reader a lot more to hold on to. I want this memoir to inspire people, to help people, to make them less alone, because it's so easy to forget that we are not alone. Especially when it seems like the world is against us. With the influence, inspiration, and research of Joan Didion, Alfred Stieglitz, and other artists, I will use aspects of style, structure, tone, and mood in order to create a multimedia memoir that’s unforgettable. I want to create something beautiful. Meaningful. I want to create a piece of art that speaks for itself. (Author abstract)