Improving community water supply management in low income households in Mbagala Kuu Ward, Temeke Municipal-Dar Es Salaam

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Southern New Hampshire University
The management and dispensation of water supply and sanitation projects is a big problem in Tanzania. Poor operation and management of water supply projects in the communities contributes to problems including increased rate of water related diseases including cholera. Also it contributes to increased rate of poverty as people are forced to spend more of their little income to buy water. The government of Tanzania in collaboration with different development partners and other stakeholders including CBOs like KIBEDEA are making different efforts to ensure there is not only increased supply of water but also there is good operations and management of the existing water schemes. Despite all the good efforts that are in place, O & M of the existing water supply schemes is still a big problem. In Mbagala Kuu where there is a community water supply scheme, a CBO called KIBEDEA has been making efforts to assist the communities to properly manage their scheme. However due to lack of proper operations plan and monitoring the problem is still existing hence failing to achieve its goal. The purpose of the project is essentially to work with KIBEDEA and water users to assess water situation and plan on how to operate and manage community water supply scheme in a sustainable way. Good O & M will ensure reliable water supply hence improved livelihood of the communities. (Author abstract)