Capacity building of Lemara Kati Women In Action (LKWIA) on HIV/AIDS infection prevention, treatment and sigma reduction

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project addressed real needs and problems of the Community through proper participation right from the needs assessment, project designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The project was carried out at Lemara Kati ward in Arusha Municipality, Northern Tanzania. The project aimed at building capacity of LKWIA on HIV/AIDS infection prevention, treatment and stigma reduction. Lemara Kati Women In Action (LKWIA) is a Community Based Organization formed by 20 women and was the target group. The project duration was eighteen months (September, 2005 to January 2007). Through authentic Community participation the researcher conducted Community Needs Assessment (CNA) on 27th September 2005. Many needs and problems were identified, prioritized and ranked. In that exercise, "Inadequate capacity in handling people living with HIV/AIDs (PLWHAS) was scored first. The researcher conducted a scientific research to confirm the CNA after three months and findings revealed that LKWIA group had the same needs and problems. LKWIA desired training on the causes of HIV/AIDS infection, transmission, prevention, treatment of opportunist infections, referral of patients to Health Facilities for care and treatment. The project implementation involved manual preparation, training, monitoring and evaluation using agreed indicators and participatory methods. The monitoring and evaluation showed that LKWIA group had gained confidence dealing with HIV/AIDS and in preventing themselves from infections service provision. In addition, their confidence had warranted them to provide health education sessions in the community thus it was revealed that community awareness had raised, as well as stigma had been reduced and PLWHAS were able to live a healthier life that allowed them to produce their basic needs and contribute to their family and national income. (Author abstract)