Project proposal for construction of houses for Magohe Housing Co-operative Society at Magohe Mpigi in Dar es Salaam city

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Southern New Hampshire University
This Project Report is about housing co-operatives in Tanzania. The case study of the project has been taken at Magohe Housing Co-operative Society. In this report the researcher has found that, there are housing co-operatives geared to reduce the problem of shortage of shelter through self-help organized approaches in Dar es Salaam City but they are all running their societies without proper guidance and project proposals. It is from this background that the researcher decided to work together with MHCS to lay proper procedures on how to run and make a follow-up of its activities. The author, in collaboration with MHCS members, managed to make a follow-up on land acquisition from buying a raw land, planning, surveying up to request of title at the MLHSD, which is under preparation. Further to that, the Project Proposal was prepared to be used for MHCS housing project implementation. This Project Report is arranged in six Chapters. The first Chapter deals with the background of MHCS. The second Chapter is a literature review on housing co-operative societies. The third Chapter is dealing with research methodologies used in carrying out the survey, data analysis and presentation. The fourth Chapter is about analysis of the case study area. In the fifth Chapter the author gives recommendations and conclusions, which flash the light on how a Self-help Housing Co-operative process could be a right doze in provision of shelter to most of lower income earners in Tanzania. The sixth Chapter is a prepared Project Proposal for the Self-help Co-operative Housing Scheme to be used for implementation of the MHCS Housing Project. (Author abstract)