Women & employment : a time of transition

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "Development of Community Institutions is an emerging area of work for the organization, Women and Employment (W & E) has been asked by other groups for assistance with organizational development or technical analysis. There is no set process to evaluate the involvement of the organization with another group. As with membership. Women & Employment needs to know its organizational expectations if it is to begin a more aggressive plan of outreach and relationship with others. Clearly, this is a time of change for the organization. It needs to understand its goals if it is to weather the transitions in leadership. The primary focus of this project is to examine the process of transition to new leadership; to work with the board, and staff, both old and new, to document this process and examine its implications on the organization. It is my hope that this analysis will be of assistance to other community groups as they too, reach a transitional stage in organizational development. Women and Employment has always sought ways in which it could serve as a model, so that other organizations could learn from its mistakes or duplicate its successes. A second focus area for the project will be on the self employment and community development work of W & E. As the staff member working in this area I am interested in developing a coherent program strategy. If possible I will begin to implement that strategy." (Library derived description)